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Our Motto
"Let's unite, assist each other and improve our lives"

Hello :)
We are not yet another NGO claiming to be caring for your health, with proxy earnings.
Powercut India Group is into online branding of individuals & businesses.
Learn more regarding that at our website About page.

 This NON-PROFIT initiative offers free daily motivation, mental health & relationship tips to people via Whatsapp. You can avail free/discounted mental health & relationships counseling.
Since it is broadcast list, you won't be disturbed in case a member replies to the tips sent on Whatsapp.
No spam. Your identity is anonymous. You can leave any time. Your phone number won't be used for any other purpose.

Contact our mental health & relationship counselors at PowercutIN via email OR at Powercut India Facebook Page for FREE OR DISCOUNTED COUNSELING.

-Or- instead of filling this form, save +918179215241 to your Whatsapp contacts and send MIND to the number via Whatsapp. We'll automatically add you to the Free Daily Motivation Broadcast list. Again, your identity is anonymous; no spam; your Whatsapp number won't be misused.

(Toll-Free Voice Helpline coming soon)

Normally, the consultation is free. The fee, if any, is up to the doctors/therapists who signed up for this initiative. If you are licensed practitioner in the area of mental health and/or or a social worker providing relationship advice, we request you to join us.


Goals At A Glance
1) Listen & understand people,
2) Find solutions to their problems, and
3) Assist them in implementing the solutions

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